Led table lamp Onda

Onda is a new LED table lamp. New patented LED light technology. No more blinding effect with LED light

Onda LED table lamp project



Onda (wave) by Light Hole® is an innovative table lamp that combines elegant “Made in Italy” design with LED sustainable technology, to obtain diffused brightness with a natural look – without blinding – and to decorate your home with style, built with a new Registered Patent of Invention.

Onda is the latest lighting system created by Light Hole®, an Italian Company that designs and manufactures revolutionary lamps by expertly combining elegant shapes with the benefit of energy saving.


“New shapes, new curves, new lines. That’s the prerequisite behind the genesis of every Light Hole® design”.

Claudio Gioserio, designer

Onda by Light Hole® bears within itself both the strength and the lightness of the sea. A firm, solid base supports a high-transparency polymethyl-methacrylate perforated plate, whose shapes are inspired by the movements of the sea waves. 

The “wave” is supported by two stainless steel structures, hiding the LEDs within them, and creating a perfect balance between the shapes. 

LEDs have the property of reducing energy consumption compared to the alternatives (halogen or fluorescent lights) but they have a very powerful light output, making the lamp annoying for the eyes if looked directly. Onda, however, is able to protect the eyesight from the blinding light thanks to the patent’s inherent features, diffusing the light in the surroundings.

The result is that of a modern piece of furniture to be placed in home or commercial, private or public environments. The shadow effect is strongly reduced, creating a harmonious light diffusion. Its soft and natural light, intense but non-invasive, creates original light and traparency effects without annoying the eye.

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Onda is made with manufacturing processes and high-quality materials. Behind its technology there is a Patent of Invention registered as number 1426276 on 7 December, 2016.

Every plate a one-of-a-kind 

The actual “wave” is built by perforating polymethyl-methacrylate plates with modern laser cutting machines. The plate is then heated with a thermoforming process and subsequently folded by hand on a wooden mould. This process randomly deforms the holes and makes each and every plate different from the others and each lamp a unique piece.

Steel sections and LED

The high-quality stainless steel is welded and treated to keep the shininess and make it durable. The steel’s role is to hide the LEDs, to protect them and to dissipate the heat emitted by the diodes.

Voltage: 90-264 V

Power: 12 W

The included LEDs

Colors: 3,000 ° K colour temperature;

Brightness: 960 lumens

Duration of 50,000h L80.

With an average use of about 6 hours a day, the LEDs will last around 22 years. For every need, the LEDs can be replaced with the entire stainless steel section.

Base and power supply

The base, made of methacrylate, contains the connections and the electronic part of the lamp. The power supply has a very high range and can be connected to voltages from 90 to 264V. 

The lamp has a maximum absorption power of 12W. 

Having a very flexible voltage, Onda can be virtually used all over the world. For those who have other types of outlets compared to the European outlet, such as Great Britain, USA, etc. lamps will be shipped with the appropriate socket.

Check out Onda’s prototyping preview


Lamp Size

Measurements in centimeters

Onda by Light Hole® is available in different variants, depending on the user’s needs or personal taste, and on the environment in which it is going to be inserted.

Standard On/Off switch

The power cord switch allows the user to turn the lamp on and off. There are no buttons or switches on the base, the surface will be smooth.

This is the optimal solution for those who are looking for style without giving up their habits.


A modern touch sensitive button, placed on the base, allows the user to switch on and off the lamp and dim the light with a gentle “caress”. By holding your finger on the button, the intensity of the light can be adjusted at will, according to your needs .

The preferred solution for those seeking simplicity even in the smallest details


Mobile phone commands

Thanks to a convenient free App that can be downloaded on smartphones and other smart devices, it is possible to switch on and dim the light of the lamp through the bluetooth connection. 

The App is a stand-alone system, called Blue Dimmer, and is available on the App Store and Google Play.

The ideal solution for those looking for technology at their fingertips, in any context. 

Domotic  (Smart Home) 

ZigBee protocol for Amazon Echo Plus, Philips HUE 

Thanks to the ZigBee wireless technology, a more powerful protocol than WiFi and Bluetooth, Onda is able to connect with Amazon Echo Plus, Philips HUE, Domotica Bticino and all other ZigBee protocol platforms: user can switch it on and off, dim it with his voice or by using the related home automation system App.

The cutting-edge solution for those who love home automation and total control, without even lifting a finger. 


Onda is also customizable: available are 3 base colors: white, red or black.


The manufacturing of Onda by Light Hole® will consist in a pre-production phase to optimise the prototypes, and the actual production. Subsequently, tests will be carried out to ensure the lamp compliance with the relative certifications. 

Finally the real production will start, with the first deliveries scheduled for the beginning of February 2020.

Below you can find a more detailed outline. 

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